About Healthcare Pathways LLC

Healthcare Pathways LLC has been servicing organizations and students of Maryland since 2010. Certification Training Classes: Certified Medication Technician (CMT) training and update, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid certification training and update (American Heart Association and American RedCross), and Assisted Living Facility (ALF) initial training & update training.  Our staff has expert knowledge.  


Contact Us           to inquire about our Delegating Nurse Consultant for Assisted Living Facilities in Maryland.


We prepare students with knowledge and skills necessary to meet the needs of high-demanding jobs.  We teach the highest standards of care according to Best Practices while keeping up to date with the current trends in healthcare. Additionally, our learning modules support protocols and policies that meet the needs of the populations receiving services. Through our interactive teaching methods, many have found real-life solutions to increase the quality of care provided.





It is the Mission of Healthcare Pathways to utilize the latest technology, learning theories, and adult learning principles to transform current and future healthcare professionals into givers of quality care.  We aim to operate classrooms of the traditional face to face, blended education and eLearning environments.  



Healthcare Pathways' vision is to develop training via various teaching modalities that will guide healthcare professionals to become givers of evidenced-based quality care according to the healthcare industry standards and best practices. We aim to be pioneers of staff and community training and development.



We value you...

We value our local and international students.  We are excited to know you trust us with a very important part of your life: Education and Knowledge Growth!



We greet everyone with a welcoming smile.  We believe that good old-fashion customer service goes a long way.      


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